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    MAGNIFYING VIDEO AND SMALL CAMERA VIEWER/VISOR  - works with iPhone also                       




Wouldn’t it be nice, when you’re outside trying to take pictures or videos, if you could SEE what’s on the screen of your new little pocket Point&Shoot camera.  And/or your shiny new Camcorder that has that clever little wing-type flat viewfinder hanging out there in the breeze and the sun. But it’s  being so overwhelmed by the bright sun when you’re TRYING to catch a picture of your little kids or grandkids or basketball or football or SOCCER guys whizzing around their various fields? 

Yup – it WOULD be nice-- but the laws of nature, sports, optics and eyeballs -- have lost out to the market laws that tell manufacturers that IF they can con-vince the public to buy photographic devices that provide only the smallest screens that are ALMOST ALWAYS invisible in the blasting sun of the great outdoors. You know, the places where you want to take many if not most of the pictures of your sports and family and vacations. You won’t see Pro Photogs struggling to take pictures with these clever devices because the human eye needs about 14 or more inches to focus on the little screens on these devices, forgetting about the fact that they’re  wobbling around and their images are WASHED OUT BY THE SUN.

THAT is why Pros use Eye-Level Finders. Remember that Pros can’t make a living making excuses for missing their important shots.  They MUST deliver.  So they use cameras, that allow them to SOLIDLY HOLD their often thousands of dollars worth of Canons and Nikons and Sony’s and Panasonics and other high quality PROFESSIONAL cameras. 

For pros – their cameras have to work every time under every kinds of condition.  So, unless you are one of those big time photo aficionados and buckaroos who truck around their heavy multi-hundreds and even multi-THOUSANDS of dollar Canons (the photo shooting  kinds, not the SHOOTING kinds that go BOOM,BOOM in the night).  And Nikons and Sonys and Panasonics and the rest the increasingly marvelous picture taking tools that can photograph a black cat in a coal mine during a total eclipse of the sun?  And that might be able to stop a speeding bullet just before it hits you?  Well we all know that it doesn’t REALLY stop the bullet, but when your family looks at your nice pictures at your funeral – it REALLY does look like the bullet stopped before it whacked you.

So if you’re not one of those really dedicated photographers – like I USED to be, since I was the Technical Editor of Popular Photography Magazine – I’ve invented and am bringing out a product that for probably UNDER fifty bucks, which will turn the large majority of the wonderful small and competent Camcorders, Point&shoots  AND SMART PHONES -- LIKE the iPhone® and the brilliant Androids that nearly EVERYONE and their kids use --which have now become the drug-free object of OUR photographic addiction.

Are these inexpensive small cameras as good as the big iron expensive and competent monsters that pros and prosumers use?  Not really, but in the hands of talented photographers – if you had to judge by just looking at the pictures that they produced – it might be virtually IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW! 

And remember – you can only capture pictures, good or bad – IF you have a camera with you when you want to take a picture. So a small camera that is WITH you, when the photographic opportunity happens – IS the one that will capture the picture.

Because of my profession, I’ve spent my life carrying big professional cameras (they used to be 4X5 Speed Graphics.)  But now – I generally carry a pocket camera – slightly more than a Point&Shoot and often a small but high quality Video camera that isn’t made anymore, but it produces the best high quality videos I could find.  And NOW – I also ALWAYS carry an iPhone® and using one of my other exclusive products – the SteadySnake Neck-Pod – often with an iPad® mounted on it.

This Camera/Computer/picture viewer --- is what I call the replacement of the Polaroid Instant camera – because it takes EXCELLENT photographs and is the best friend-maker in the world!  HOW? – when I meet people that interest me – important or otherwise – I shoot a quick portrait with the iPad® and show it to them on the big screen -- INSTANTLY!  You’d be AMAZED at how effective this is.  And I can send the file to them “Post Haste” – love that old phrase because today it REALLY IS Post Haste!

Not only will my new attachable MARGOLIN Magnifying Eye Level Viewfinder tame the sun, but it will GREATLY reduce the jitter, bob and weave and shake of your pictures and videos and improve your ability to track action and let you compose your pictures WHILE you’re shooting them.

My new virtually Universal Eye Level Viewfinder attachment gives you back THE way to avoid camera shake and the blurred pictures it causes, It also gives you a magnified steady view of moving subjects to let you track them and capture the missed pictures of today’s camcorders and pocket cameras. That’s because it lets you HOLD your hard-to-hold tiny, almost weightless Midget Cameras and Photo Phones, with TWO (count them 2) hands.  With my attached Eye Level Magnified Viewfinder you WILL be able to stop and catch running children, rushing Quarterbacks and flying Soccer scorers in their tracks and into your digital devices.


Click on George Margolin profiled at MIT

to learn about George Margolin, INVENTOR of the virtually Universal  on/off Eye-Level Magnified Viewfinder.     


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